April Maintenance Well Underway

Have you seen the dramatic pictures on our Facebook page of poor LILIAN?

All will be well, but right now she really is hiding away from her public. And who can blame her. Positive preventive maintenance is essential, particularly when dealing with something as delicate and unique as a steam engine of ‘advanced years’. Therefore once every decade it is necessary to strip each engine down and undertake an overhaul on the boiler, plus any other work that needs doing.  Nigel and the Team have given an assurance that LILIAN will be back to ‘rude health’ by the summer. For those who enjoy the technical details, Charlie has promised a full write up (and video) of all the work being done on Lilian’s boiler, just as soon as it is finished!

Innovation and a ‘Can Do’ attitude are the foundations on which the LSR has built it’s reputation. Also on our Facebook page is a short video of Jonathan doing his MANN thing with a home made tool for plastering the walls of the new museum development. A daunting task to make another part of the old Launceston Gasworks buildings into something where visitors and motor cycle enthusiasts alike can browse and enjoy unique memorabilia. It may not be finished completely by the time you visit,but don’t be put off. We are only a small team and sometimes more pressing scenarios place a higher demand on our time.

If all that was not enough, there is more work afoot on the track. After the mammoth winter maintenance task of relaying there is now the ’tidy up’ of rail, sleepers and assorted hardware, to say nothing about all the labour involved in cutting the overgrown vegetation to manageable sizes so it will not impede the beautiful views along to the Kensey Valley towards New Mills.

Finally, spare a thought for the three engines staying behind when VELINHELI goes off on her grand summer tour. Elsewhere you will find details of her proposed stopovers, but we know she will be a very good ambassador for the LSR, and we hope to enjoy many picture postings of the other railways she will be visiting.  

PS. And ‘Thankyou’ to all our followers on Facebook and Twitter. Every day we now see the number growing, so please keep ‘Sharing’ and keep adding ‘comment’. It really is appreciated.