August Update

The retube of Velinheli’s boiler has been completed and the boiler has been hydraulically tested to 180PSI (1.5 times her working pressure of 120PSI) for our boiler inspector.

Covertcoat is currently being prepared for her annual boiler inspection. This involves removing the ashpan, firebars, fusible plug and washout plugs so that our boiler inspector is able to thoroughly examine the boiler. To make the inspection a little easier Covertcoat has been parked over the pit in our yard – if you have ever wondered if we use the track that runs through our museum, the video below will show you!

Lilian has been running fairly well following her minor problems towards the beginning of the season. She should be hauling the passenger trains for the rest of the week whilst Covertcoat is out of action for her boiler test.

The diesel railcar has been fitted with its initial engine cooling system. Once the railcar’s alternator has been wired up to the motor bogie and control gear, the completed chassis will make some test runs before the bodywork is constructed.

IMG_4294 IMG_4299 IMG_4303 velinboilertest