Dorothea steams for the first time in public!

Dorothea was steamed in public for the first time today – and hauled her first ever public passenger trains.

Dorothea worked in the Dorothea Slate Quarry in North Wales until 1942, when she was withdrawn from service. Her rusting remains were rescued from the quarry in 1970 by enthusiast Dave Walker, who sold her to Kay Bowman of the LSR in 1989. Since then Kay has carried out a painstaking restoration of Dorothea to working order – a task considered impossible by many experts!

Although Dorothea’s restoration is not quite finished, it was decided to steam her and use her to double head some of the Easter Sunday passenger trains with Lilian. Dorothea performed well, and was used on five passenger trains – it is thought that the 25 miles she covered today is the furthest she has ever run in one day!

The photographs and video below show Dorothea throughout the day. Her next passenger trains will be in the summer once her final remaining components, such as cab windows and air brake equipment, have been fitted.