Happy Birthday Lilian!

On the 21st August 1883, Lilian was delivered brand new to the Penrhyn Quarry in North Wales. She was the first of her type delivered to Penrhyn, and was named after the daughter of the quarry owner, Lord George Sholto Gordon Douglas-Pennant. 130 years later, she is the oldest locomotive of her type still in working order, and is still in regular daily use – albeit now hauling passengers through Cornwall rather than shunting wagons full of slate in Wales.

Today, we held a mini-party to celebrate Lilian’s 130th birthday. Lilian was in steam and hauled all the passenger trains; our youngest Hunslet locomotive Dorothea (112 years old) joined in the celebration by double heading some of the passenger trains with Lilian. Furthermore, Lilian had her very own birthday cake, and passengers in the late afternoon were each given a slice of Lilian’s cake.

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