June 2012 News

The trackwork on the café curve has been completed in time for our summer season with a new concrete surface where the original tarmac surface had been removed to raise the curve. The curve itself was raised 3½” in one place!

The driveshaft which connects the engine to the alternator on the railcar has been subject to some modification recently to overcome the effects of torsional oscillation. The engine cradle has been modified, and a new larger flywheel for the engine is currently being machined.

Both Lilian and Covertcoat have been used in the first week of our summer season. Although Covertcoat has run with no problems, Lilian has had two minor mechanical problems. The first was the discovery of a crack in one of her wrought iron coupling rods. When the rod was inspected with penetrative dye, it was found that, although invisible to the naked eye, a previous crack had been repaired poorly at Penrhyn Quarry by inserting rivets into the coupling rod. Both the ‘new’ crack and the old Penrhyn crack have been repaired. The second problem encountered was a hot running axlebox; however following some attention to the lubrication system the axlebox should run cool and Lilian will be back in service next week.