We have four carriages which are used on passenger trains, all of which have been built on site here at Launceston but to the same design as older carriages.

Toastrack Carriages

carriage1 carriage3

We have two ‘Toastrack’ carriages, based on the Manx Electric Railway trailer cars built in 1893. These have reversible tramcar style seats and open sides, and are always popular in nice weather. The first carriage, No. 1, was built for the opening of the LSR in 1983. The second toastrack carriage was built as passenger numbers increased in the late 1980s.

Torrington & Marland Carriage


The second carriage built for the LSR, this is based on the carriage which ran on the 3ft gauge Torrington & Marland Railway in North Devon – which in turn was a rebuilt London horse tram! Originally a 4 wheel carriage, in the early 2000s it was rebuilt with lengthened balconies at each end and now runs on bogies. Passengers are welcome to ride on the balconies, which can also accommodate wheelchairs and pushchairs.

Plynlimon Carriage


Our largest carriage, this is a replica of the single carriage supplied to the Plynlimon & Hafan Tramway in Wales. It entered service in 1993.

Dinorwic Royal Carriage


Part of our museum collection (and therefore not used on passenger trains) is a small 4 wheel carriage used at the Dinorwic Quarry in North Wales. Known as the Royal Carriage as it allegedly carried Queen Victoria during a visit to the quarry.

Kindly on loan from its owner Peter Nicholson.