The Dilly


The stalwart of our annual winter maintenance period, the Dilly is a lightweight diesel electric inspection trolley.

Originally a passenger carriage built by Baguleys for the Alton Towers theme park, it was rebuilt in 2004 with new bodywork and a Kubota diesel engine. Able to carry a wide variety of loads and also provide power for tools whilst along the railway, the Dilly also provides a fast and easy way to move our staff along the railway and has proved to be indispensable!

Electric Dilly

The current Dilly replaces an earlier electric trolley, confusingly also known as the Dilly, which is now stored out of use in our workshops. The wheels were once used on a brick kiln trolley, whilst the motor is an old dynamo from a boat engine. Control is achieved by controlling armature and field current, full speed is given by field weakening. The shunt-wound motor runs on 28 volts provided by nickel-iron accumulators. It’s maximum speed is 18mph.