May News

After a succesful few weeks opening at Easter, we have had a few weeks off to finish our track relaying project. This involved taking the 40lb/yd rail which we had taken up at Newmills a little down the line towards Launceston, and using it to replace some lighter 30lb/yd rail. The relaying is now complete, meaning the lightest rail in use is now 35lb/yd.

At Easter the quirky vertical boilered locomotive Perseverance had his annual boiler inspection. Happily ‘Percy’ passed with flying colours and is ready for another 12 months work; although too small to haul our passenger trains, Perseverance is occasionally steamed up in our yard and also makes visits to other railways.

Perseverance in steam for the boiler inspector, click for larger view

We currently have an experimental petrol electric locomotive visiting us for trials from a private railway. Fitted with a restored Austin 10 engine, the locomotive has a few areas which trial runs have shown could be improved, and so it is likely to have some work on it whilst it is here.

Experimental petrol electric locomotive, click for larger view

Covertcoat’s regulator has had a slight leak for a while, and so has been removed for repair. Her regulator valve is actually a modern ball valve which we fitted a few years ago – the valve has now been dismantled for fitting new seals. Removal of the valve also gives the opportunity to inspect part of the inside of Covertcoat’s boiler, which we built new here (although incorporating a small amount of her original boiler) seven years ago. Fortunately the inside of her boiler appears to be in good condition with minimal corrosion – a full inspection will be carried out when she is retubed in a few years time.

A view into Covertcoat's boiler, showing where her regulator valve has been removed, click for larger view