New Season – New Website

Regular visitors will not have failed to notice our website has taken on a new look for the 2016 season.

Our old website was first launched in 2004 and, although it had been modified and refreshed since, the majority of the content and background coding was the same as it was twelve years ago.  It was starting to get a bit tired and so, what started as another ‘refresh’ has resulted in a complete rebuild of the website ‘from the ground up’ – rather like our engine Lilian was subject to fifty years ago this year!

Nearly all the old content and photographs have been transferred over to the new website – plus the complete archive of news back to 2004, which was ‘temporarily’ removed at the last refresh in 2011, is gradually being added back in. A refresh has also given the chance for us to add some new pages detailing more of what you can find here at the LSR.

We hope to keep the News page slightly more up to date than it has been recently as we now have a much easier system for posting news that several of the LSR team can use. Additionally we will have a new series of blogs detailing ‘interesting snippets’ of all things LSR, written by Nigel Parker.  Of course you can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep right up to date!


If you spot any missing photos, broken links or spelling errors (there are bound to be some somewhere!) from the website rebuild – let me know.


Charlie O’Mahoney

LSR Chief Web Engineer