Railcar on Test

Following the completion of the electrical wiring and the fitting of air brakes to one bogie, our experimental diesel electric railcar has been out for some test runs. Based around motors and wheels originally used on the Post Office Underground Railway, the railcar is being constructed for use in the off-peak season, and would allow us to run trains on days in the autumn and winter when the number of passengers do not justify the expense of lighting up one of our steam locomotives.

As can be seen, the railcar is still in an incomplete state. Most of the driver’s controls are now fixed in their final position, but a temporary throttle control is being used for the test runs. The bodywork is also (obviously) very incomplete! Subject to the time being available this winter, we hope to fabricate the rest of the bodywork soon along with finishing the driver’s controls and fitting air brakes to the rear bogie.

DSC_3870 DSC_3873 DSC_3875