Reprofiling Covertcoat’s wheels

Covertcoat’s wheels were removed in December as they had become rather worn and required building up to the correct profile. The technique used, as shown in the following photographs, was to mount each wheelset in one of our lathes and clamp the welding gun of our MIG welder in the appropriate position. Then, with the wheelset rotated slowly in the lathe, weld material is applied to the wheel. A number of runs of material are applied in slightly different positions to build up the wheel; once sufficient material has been added the wheels are then turned to the correct profile.

IMG_4624 IMG_4628 IMG_4631

Additionally the opportunity has been taken, whilst her wheels have been removed, to clean Covertcoat’s chassis, check the various components fitted to it and carry out any remedial work necessary – mainly tightening a few nuts and bolts! New brake blocks are also being prepared for when the reprofiled wheels are fitted.

IMG_4635 IMG_4636