Returned and Reunited after 70 Years!

In a remarkable turn of events, Dorothea has been recently reunited with one of her original brass works plates, seventy years on from when she last worked.

When withdrawn from service at Dorothea Quarry in the early 1940s, Dorothea was left in her shed high on top of a mountain. Various parts, including her brass nameplates and works plates, were removed from her before she was rescued from her (now collapsed) shed in 1970 by Dave Walker. Once the painstaking restoration of Dorothea to working order was completed in 2012 by Kay Bowman, new replica works plates were made to replace the originals.

However, this summer we received a phone call from a gentleman who had been clearing out a friend’s garage in Wales – and when sorting through lots of metal which he had taken to the scrapyard, discovered one of Dorothea’s original works plates! The plate has now been returned to live with Dorothea and, over the recent half term week, was on display for the first time, alongside a number of photographs showing the life, rescue and restoration of Dorothea.

Dorothea’s owner and restorer, Kay Bowman, commented “The plate was in perfect condition – just a couple of chisel marks where it had been taken off. The letter R was stamped on the back showing which side of the locomotive it came from. For it to have been parted and then reunited with the locomotive after all this time is absolutely amazing. I still can’t quite believe it!”

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