TRAC Project – A Final Update

In 2009 Cornwall Council launched the Tourism and Rural Access (TRAC) Project. This project intended to build new multi-use trails at Launceston and Bude, and the Council received a £1.5 million grant from the South West Regional Development Agency (later absorbed by DEFRA). The stated objectives at Launceston were ‘creation of a new off-road multi-use trail from central Launceston traveling west 8km to Egloskerry along the route of the old railway line, together with 7.7km of quiet lanes…(and to) enable the parallel extension of the existing Launceston Steam Railway for the final 3.5km to Egloskerry’. The Project was cancelled by Cornwall Council in December 2012, following the Council’s removal of the railway extension from the project and the subsequent withdrawal of funding by DEFRA, with no part of the Launceston to Egloskerry trail having been constructed. Further background reading and documents can be found here.

Cornwall Council has now prepared a report into the failure of the TRAC Project. The final public report, dated July 2014 and published in November 2014, can be read here. An earlier draft report completed in November 2013, which contains some differences from the final report, can be read here. A public meeting to discuss the failure of the project was held in Launceston on the 18th November, and notes made at this meeting can be read here.

We can confirm the relationship between the LSR and Cornwall Council has improved from that in 2012, and also that it still remains our ambition to eventually extend the railway to Egloskerry. We would fully support any revived scheme, by public or private bodies, which allowed an extension of the railway to be built in conjunction with the construction of a new multi-use trail between Launceston and Egloskerry.

26th November – An article in local paper, the Cornish Guardian, about the failure of the project can be read here.