Welcome to 2016 at the LSR

When the Railway re-opens for the new season on Friday 25th March, few passengers will realise that they are travelling on rails that originated from one of the most secret underground railways in the UK. During the winter an extensive partial track relaying programme has been completed, and to undertake this task the Management Team have created some unique new tools to help complete the operation of implementing new sleepers, base plates and steel rails.

The ‘Underground secret railway Project’ was one of many created at strategic UK locations since 1900 for the safe and secure storing of materials and equipment for all the Military Services. Some of these hidden underground rural sites are now obsolete and have been dismantled or ‘mothballed’. Nigel Bowman, LSR Managing Director, realised the opportunity and significance to bring some national history to the heritage railway tourist project that would otherwise have been forever lost.

With the Victorian and Edwardian rolling stock once again in pristine condition, all will be ready to receive local people, railway enthusiasts and visitors for what is planned to be an exciting 2016.

The arrival this year of more ‘heritage’ exhibits has also encouraged the creation of a second museum for additional memorabilia. This is now nearing completion and adjoins the Station Terminus. Free entry is included with your ticket or family pass.

We have a new, refreshed website coming soon with lots more details of our extensive winter maintenance programme - watch this space! You can also follow the railway on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates too.