Winter Works

Over the winter we have had a few projects on the go to make sure the railway is in good condition for the 2014 season.

The poor weather in January and February highlighted a few areas along the railway where drainage channels and culverts along the railway had become blocked, particularly on the stretch of line around Canna Park. Not only have we ensured the culverts are unblocked, but the drainage channels have been cleared and in some cases enlarged.

Enlarged culvert at Canna Park, click for larger view Enlarged drainage channel at Canna Park, click for larger view Our trusty JCB digger working to enlarge drainage channels and clear ground near to Canna Park, click for larger view

Work has also progressed on our experimental diesel electric railcar, with the final driver’s controls now nearing completion.

Railcar controls nearing completion, click for larger view Interlocking mechanism on railcar controls, click for larger view

Part of the track just before Newmills station has also been relayed this winter, with ex. Dean Hill 50lb/yd rail replacing the 40lb/yd rail previously laid on that stretch of track. The 40lb/yd rail, however, will now be cascaded down the line and used to replace some lighter 30lb/yd rail which is laid near Launceston – this further relaying is currently planned to be completed in May.

The Dilly stands on the newly relaid track at Newmills, click for larger view Jonathan Mann bolting up the final fishplate on the relaid track, joining the 50lb/yd rail to the Penrhyn bullhead rail used in the station at Newmills, click for larger view

With the track reconnected at Newmills, we can now start getting ready for the season to begin again, in a little over a week’s time on Sunday 13th April.